Benton "Benny" Buntz

Young boy, senior member of Fagin's Lane Gang


Base Stats

ST: 9
DX: 14
IQ: 12
HT: 12

Base Speed: 7
Base Move: 7

FP: 10
HP: 8


Member of Fagin’s Lane Gang. This gang of orphaned kids has seen its fortunes turn for the better as of late, as the turmoil in town has provided them with ample work for multiple factions ( Thieve’s Guild, The Hollands).

The kids were able to purchase the plot of land hosting the building they have been squatting in at auction, and can even think about building a proper shelter for themselves now. They need to carefully balance the work they do for multiple antagonistic factions to not lose their new-found wealth.

Benton "Benny" Buntz

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