Trouble in Maldorn

I'll 'beer' right back!


Acerop returns to the group at night, retelling his harrowing experience of tracking Drisbee in the woods, getting captured and threatened with slavery, and finally escaping.

Discussion on the plans being made up by Alister Arcan, the architect with Harlemon and Essery.

A large group of Holland kids showed up in Fagin’s Lane to threaten the Fagin’s Lane Gang and Benny. Benny bravely laughs them off, seeing as they are operating outside of Kavin and Darn’s direction.

Benny later makes his way to The Hoffstead, to try to catch the Count before his big important meeting and deliver his reports. He is intercepted by a scantily-clad Shianna who invites him to drinks at a beer tent near the Hoffstead. Sitting with her, he shares multiple pitchers of ale and discusses some of his recent events with her (including the Holland children threats and problem with Drisbee).

Following that discussion, Benny slips into the Hoffstead feeling quite tipsy to deliver his news to the Count. He also wants to discuss fencing needs, seeing as the relationship with Drisbee is souring, and gets pointed to the Hoffstead’s cook’s brother, Ascjon, who operates a pawn shop in the nearby town of Toarek. Finally, just before leaving, the count asks Benny to keep an eye on his man Malach, as he has been on a suspicious spending spree. Benny tells him about the protection racket in the market and his rough-handling of Kevassa, which the count promises to rectify (to Benny’s delight). With his insobriety making him ever more talkative, he mentions his plans to have an shelter/orphanage build for the kids of Fagin’s Lane.



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