Trouble in Maldorn

Irregular happenings


Attempts to single-handedly disrupt a wagon kidnapping of the alchemists’ wife. Takes some bumps for his troubles, but manages to take down one of the assailants with what appears to be broken ribs. Guards catch up to the wagon, but are later found with knife wounds in the back at the site of the altercation. It appears a third assailant was unaccounted for by the guards and managed to surprise them.


Finds herself being stalked by 8 dark silhouettes; attempts to flee but they catch up to her and drop a hood on her head. She struggles to get free, but they overpower her and carry her away.
She is later released by the Count, as he informs her and other kidnapees that they were taken by Malach under his own initiative, and that the Count wishes to rectify the wrongdoing.


A visit from Darn, Kellsa, Shianna & Kavin brings news of trouble with the mansion’s take. It appears someone or something is tracking the items through a spiritual or magical “evil” presence. Shianna ties the trouble to Lada’s horned helm, and chases her down as she tries to slip away. Shianna catches up to her and tries to rip the helm out of her hands unsuccessfully. She attempts to poke her with a poisoned dart to sedate her, but finds herself feeling drowsy instead. She bashes Lada with a few punches, rendering her functionally unconscious, but remains unable to rip the helm from her hands (much to the horror of the onlookers). Darn takes Lada over his shoulder and carries her away, as Benny decides to leave the shelter for a little while to let things cool down.



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