Trouble in Maldorn

What we Arkan not change

Death of an Architect

As everyone scrambles to find a solution to the strange orb surrounding part of High Fort, threats need to be dealt with. Firstly, the avatar of Karthandi, roaming around town, was eliminated by Drisbee and Gears (likely with the use of copious amounts of explosives, as is their signature). Then, the woken dragon was slain by Count Jared Els’Velcasa, blowing its brains out and making sure it wouldn’t get back up again.

Now all that is left to deal with is the magical orb trapping everyone and freezing time. Some mystical polygon was thought to be linked to the sphere, so Alister fixed it to the end of a pole and reached out to touch it against the orb’s wall, only to be completely frozen in place, along with anything else unfortunate enough to touch him. Different tactics were attempted to free him (well, the polygon mostly), but the only one that proved successful was to use enough explosives to break the pole (and blow his hand off with it) – but the polygon remained stuck to the wall.

Once regaining control over his body Alister learned of Gavern being out to get him. This news is confusing, as he distinctly remembers Gavern being frozen in time and stabbing his throat multiple times just a short while ago. Either way, Alister works on a plan to retrieve the polygon with Connie and company, and after touching base with the local Dwarves (the polygon is covered in dwarven writings) decides to return to his home to check on things. Benny argues against this, knowing that Gavern has already been there and that things are not well at Arkan manor, but he cannot convince Alister to not go.

Sure enough, as Alister arrives home, he finds it broken into, and every frozen in time body features a freshly severed head. Enraged, he means to arm himself and seek vengeance upon Gavern, but his newly minted nemesis finds him first. A clumsy battle ensues, but the presence of Drisbee and Gears manages to calm things down temporarily, so they decide to be on their way to the Duke’s palace where they might have the resources they need to put into effect their plan to free the polygon from the wall. The calm did not last, however, as Gavern quickly backtracked his way into the manor, and though Alister had managed to retrieve a loaded shotgun, his one-armed clumsiness made his one shot miss and Gavern needed no further opening to finish off his foe.

By the time Benny was able to convince Connie to head over there to check on Alister, it was far too late and the grisly deed was done. Benny ran to Alister’s office to grab the plans from his projects. He stashed them in a safe place, taking special care with the plans for the orphanage. He will need to find someone else to finish this work now, if they ever can manage to take down this time barrier, and he fears now more than ever for the safety of his group, frozen in time in Fardry’s house, at the mercy of any who would dare to break in.



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