Tall , Blonde and Dangerous


First born to Orca, chieftain of the Umbaku


Member of the Umbaku Tribe.

They believe in many old legends and myths one such legend has it that the water stains red when death stalks the tribe for new souls. This legend came true the night of Shianna’s wedding to the tribe’s most notable Alpha warrior. It was almost the moon was full of blood and the red waters crashed against the shore. Shianna was not only a prize amongst her tribe but was desired by another chieftain of a rival tribe from another island. His lust for her over the last couple of years grew, when he learned of her upcoming marriage he seek to take her himself. They rode across the waters by canoe, and ambushed the Umbaku during the wedding ritual. Slaughtering many of them in one single savage attack. Her husband to be fought valiantly for her but was stab through the chest by 3 separate spears falling dead. Shianna known for her skills as a warrior herself took down 4 of the enemy herself before she was wrestled to the ground. The rival tribe was victorious in the demise of the Umbaku and their chieftain would have his wife. That was until her spirit guardian, her very faithful animal companion leaped from the darkness and into the fray.


Trouble in Maldorn Shianna