Trouble in Maldorn



Keln and the crew continue the squeeze out operations on the pimp, and business is good. Work has slowed down a bit with Drisbee being gone and things quieting down in town, but laying low sounds like a good idea after stirring the bee’s nest that are the Highfort Irregulars.

The pile of jewels stashed in Drisbee’s shed has gone missing, which worries Benny quite a bit. He hopes that Alister has managed to cash the money order that will fund the construction of the orphanage, before the Irregulars get their hands on it and halt the construction.

Benny spends the better part of his days running across town to: discover that the pimp has hired a mage to ferret out his harassers; warn Keln and the others of this; learn that the Hoffstead has been set on fire (and later that the alchemist’s wife was spotted at the scene of the crime); seek out the Count (unsuccessfully); seek out Drisbee (unsuccessfully at first); learn that Shianna has abducted Lada (twice); seach for Kavin on behalf of Shianna (unsuccessfully); try to talk to Alister to warn about packages from Drisbee and move him to spend the money order ASAP to get going with the construction (apparently, some hired Hollens have been cleaning out the lot in preparation).

With Keln’s hideout possibly at risk due to mage spying, the kids move into Fardry’s home as a temporary shelter. They are warned not to bring trouble here.

Current operations are set to:
- keep an eye on Drisbee’s place; there are some dangerous things going on in the basement no one knew about
- keep pestering the pimp, but only with the most evasive people, as they are likely to be setting traps
- find and harass the mage that is assisting the pimp; make him understand that he is better off leaving the kids alone
- keep an eye on Alister to protect him from threats
- keep an eye on the Hoffstead and 19 Hollen lane to spot any threats



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