Tag: Hoffstead


  • Count Jared Els'Velcasa

    Owner of [[The Hoffstead | The Hoffstead]], the Count has dealings with many different factions, aligning himself with whichever faction would benefit him and his operations the most (as of late, this would seem to be [[The Hollands | The Hollands]].

  • Fama

    Fama helps run [[The Hoffstead | The Hoffstead]] for [[:thecount | Count Jared Els'Velcasa]]. She is also good friends with [[:shianna | Shianna ]].

  • Frendi

    Has recently started working for [[:thecount | Count Jared Els'Velcasa]] at [[The Hoffstead | The Hoffstead]]. Has a friendly relationship with [[:benny | Benny]]

  • Malach

    Works for [[:thecount | Count Jared Els'Velcasa]]. Gives the merchants of the market a hard time. Has recently roughed up [[:kevassa | Kevassa]] to make a point while establishing their new protection racket (taken from the [[Thieve's Guild | Thieve's …